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“Anne would have a far greater influence upon her daughter than has long been supposed. Even at her young age, Elizabeth already resembled her, and she would grow to do so more strikingly as the years passed. She would also inherit some of her mother’s personal traits, notably tenacity, self-discipline, and charisma. Equally, there would be flashes of Anne’s cruelty and vindictiveness. But above all, it would be the example provided by Anne’s life—and in particular its end—that would prove her greatest legacy to Elizabeth. From this, her daughter learned not to trust expressions of love and devotion; she learned to guard her reputation fiercely; and she learned to be a self-reliant, political pragmatist. Anne had had qualities that would have made her a great queen, but she had also had a number of fatal flaws. It was in learning from both that Elizabeth was able to become the queen that her mother was never able to be.” — Tracy Borman - Elizabeth’s Women

make me choose // anon and georgetteheyer asked: elizabeth i or and anne boleyn

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Period drama costumes

→ Anne Boleyn, The Tudors s02e02

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♔ gorgeous outfits in the tudors [05/??]

   └ anne boleyn’s cream dress with open sleeves

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screencap meme: anne boleyn + up close & personal, 2/2 (requested by wilderlands ♥)

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Venus was blonde, I’ve been told:
Now I see that she’s a brunette

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