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Mark Ryder [x]

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Borgia meme : [2/10] characters
Cesare Borgia

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Mark Ryder as Cesare Borgia in Borgia 3 [x]

Mark Ryder as Cesare Borgia in Borgia 3 [x]

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In character [Cesare Borgia] inherited his father’s intelligence and great ambition, his deviousness and his skill in diplomacy and intrigue, but although he could exert the famous Borgia charm when it suited him and was capable of outbursts of boisterous high spirits like his father, he did not share Rodrigo’s outgoing nature. While appearing outwardly frank, he was inwardly secretive, controlled; his bouts of hectic enjoyment were often followed by periods of apparent lethargy and depression. He had a Spanish pride, and was deeply resentful of slights on his honour, which he never forgave and always avenged. He was suspicious and wary, and – unlike his father – apparently incapable of deep love for anyone, with the exception of Lucrezia. He was self-sufficient, with an almost superstitious belief in himself, that ‘high confidence’ which Machiavelli later noted in him. Cold, ruthless and unpredictable, Cesare’s dangerous nature may have been the reason that Rodrigo, while caring for him deeply, clearly favoured his younger brother Juan, whom he must have found easier to manage.

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܀ history meme ܀ eight moments: Cesare Borgia invades Urbino (3/8)

20th/21st June 1502, Guidobaldo da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino, was forced to flee as the forces of Cesare Borgia invaded his lands. Guidobaldo made his way to his wife, Elisabetta Gonzaga, who was with her sister-in-law, Isabella d’Este at Mantua. Borgia’s invasion shocked everyone, including his sister Lucrezia who had been welcomed in Urbino.

Cesare’s occupation lasted until October of that year when he was forced out by the forces of Urbino, Bologna and Siena but once more he recaptured Urbino in December. Guidobaldo and Elisabetta were forced into exile until 1503 when they were restored to their home upon the decline of Cesare’s power.

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Borgia meme : [2/8] episodes
↳ 2x05 Ascension

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